Systango Technologies (formerly Systematix Technocrates) partners with its clients in the health care domain to provide innovative, integrated, efficient and powerful solutions for various aspect of healthcare value chain. We have created solutions for our healthcare clients across various functions such as:

  • Patient Registration
  • Account (Billing & Collection) Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Prescription Management
  • Appointment & Booking Management
  • Reporting / Security
  • Integration with third party systems / databases / web services

We deliver solutions to our client enabling them to reduce their clinical spending as well as spending on administrative complexities. We deliver application that facilitates their business growth and removes redundant / manual processes.

Our key advantage is team consisting of onsite – offsite resources helps in giving our clients all the quality, face-to-face, personal service while taking advantage of a global resource pool giving you cost effective solution without compromising quality.